The challenge

Rapiboy is an Argentine tool for Restaurants to deliver food to their customers, allowing business owners to boost their sales and offer their customers the ultimate buying experience.

I collaborated with Paz Design Studio team to design and develop Rapiboy website.

Rapiboy cover

The approach

I started with an exhaustive look at the brand, and the project’s goals. From that, I went on to craft a unique identity that would define the voice and tone in which Rapiboy would approach users.

Color palette

Rapiboy color palette

Website design

Rapiboy website
Rapiboy website
Rapiboy website
Rapiboy website

The team

UX Strategy - Agustín Ullmer
Information Architecture - Agustín Ullmer
Visual Design - Agustín Ullmer
Branding - Paz Design Studio
Illustrations - Agustín Ullmer
Front-end Development - Agustín Ullmer
Wordpress - Fer Mercadal

Agustín Ullmer